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Redmi Note 3 TWRP PAK

 -- assembled by: skiilaa --

--- Guide ---

  1. Open an administrator command prompt
  2. bcdedit /set testsigning on
  3. If it says the value is "protected by Secure Boot policy":
    * Go into your BIOS
    * Disable Secure Boot
  4. Install the bundled MiFlash from the MiFlash/ folder
  5. On the phone, enable developer mode
    * Tap MIUI version on the About page 5 times
  6. Go into Additional Settings -> Developer Options
  7. Enable OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging
  8. Sign out of your Mi Account
  9. Plug your phone into your PC
  10. Reboot into Fastboot
    * Hold power + volume down while powered off until fastboot appears
  11. On the computer, run reboot-edl.bat from the MiFlash/ folder
  12. Open the installed Mi Flash
  13. Click select and select the TWRP/ folder (not TWRP/images/!)
  14. Click refresh (you should see COM<something>, that's your phone)
  15. On the bottom right, select "save user data"
  16. Click flash
    * This shouldn't take very long
  17. On the phone, enter recovery mode, which is now TWRP
    * Hold power + volume up until the TWRP logo appears
  18. If the default language is not English:
    * Tap the 3rd row from top, 2nd column
    * Tap the last element on the top menu bar
    * Scroll down and find English
    * Click on the bottom-right button

That's it. You should be able to flash anything now via TWRP.